How Birthstones Can Bring You Good Luck by Changing Your Beliefs

Hey July Babies!! It’s the month of the birthstone, ruby! If you have a birthday in July, are looking to gift someone born in July or just happen to love the colour red, read on for everything you need to know about the ruby –  the birthstone for those born in July. 

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Firstly, a few facts about ruby

Ruby is a gemstone of beauty which comes from the mineral species called 'Corundum', which is also the same species as sapphires – they are essentially the same gemstone but the differences in colour is caused by trace impurities when the gemstones were forming. 

Sapphires can come in many different colours – green, pink, yellow, and blue, but most commonly the blue variety is globally known as Sapphire. But the deep-red variety is exclusively called 'ruby'. 

The most in-demand colour for a ruby is an intense red colour commonly called 'pigeon blood red'. These rubies are those considered red with a slightly violetish tone (crimson), but those that are intense red with a slightly orangish tone are less in-demand.  

Your Guide to Everything Ruby Birthstone

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Angela Wozniak Jewellery Birthstone collection

How birthstones bring good luck

Birthstones are said to date back to the biblical era and those who actively wear their birthstone do so to bring good luck. I have spoken with many customers who say they at least 'feel' luckier when wearing their birthstone. However this luck isn’t ‘magic’ and does not promise to instantly change your life.

Instead, your birthstone can help unlock your inner strength (that you always had) and offer guidance through difficult situations by altering your belief system.

If you believe you are lucky, you will be lucky. If you believe it will happen, it will happen. 

Ruby Studs July Birthstone, S$39
Angela Wozniak Jewellery Birthstone collection

Birthstones for personal growth

Birthstones for luck / personal growth is always an interesting topic I love to talk about with customers, because everyone has their own slight way of how they use their birthstones. 

If you are new to wearing birthstones I recommend you start by treating each gemstone as a little piece of your inner universe, that constantly builds your intuition and brings you energy needed for personal growth – be it positivity, hope, concentration, focus, or self-love.

Either way, a birthstone is the perfect way to bring a spiritual connection between you and the dreams you want to manifest into your life. 

Love & Light, 
Angela. X

PS. If you are reading this far down, I'd love to hear your thoughts around wearing birthstones – do you wear them? If so, why? and how have they helped you. Would love for everyone reading to share their stories and inspire others in the comments below :)

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Is it true that if you wear another birthstone besides your birth month it’s bad luck?

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