Why I quit my job as a Digital Art Director to start an online jewellery store

Sterling Silver Opening Cuff Online Jewellery Store
My Earth & Moon Cuff
The second piece of jewellery I ever made by hand 

In June 2014 I quit my job as Senior Digital Art Director. My job was designing ecommerce websites for my clients but I wanted the experience of designing and running my own ecommerce site.

When I left high school I knew exactly want I wanted to do. I wanted to be a graphic designer. So I enrolled into Enmore Design Centre, Sydney where I studied this for 3 years. However during this time I discovered jewellery and object design as it was one of the other design courses offered at the design school.

For some reason watching the other students make tiny little pieces of shiny jewelry out of a lump of metal made me feel jealous and envious. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of this ever an an occupation option?

I was very happy however doing graphic design. I loved typography, playing around with layouts, editing images in photoshop and coming up with concepts. I find a deep beauty in good design printed out on paper.

Fast forward, in 2010 I left Sydney to work in London. My first job was working for an online retailer. I had left print design behind and was now a digital designer (designing graphics for the web). After that job I had 'ecommerce' experience on my CV and I kept on getting hired for this.

After a year and a half in London I had the opportunity to move to Singapore for work. This time I landed a role in a creative digital agency, and again I was doing ecommerce work. It was now 2014 and I thought it was time to go home to Australia.

I was turning 30 and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career. I felt like I was having a mid-life crisis. I was frustrated with my work. It was too easy. I wanted to try new things and be challenged. I needed a creative outlet, a side project.

That is when I remembered how I liked the idea of jewellery design.

I had some money saved and my plans were to return home to Sydney, so I decided to leave my job and start a little jewellery business as I had nothing to lose and I feared that if I did not do it now I would regret it. I was scared as hell to leave my job but I knew if I didn’t take the chance and more years ticked over that would be more scary.

The problem was I did not even know how to design or make jewellery, I only knew how to design and build websites. So I decided to do just that first.

After trying to decide on a name I chose 'Annielka', my great grandmother's name. I always thought it was a beautiful name and the sound of it felt elegant and unique. I figured Annielka was the name of the women who would shop at my store.

Finally the day came that my site was built. But the problem was I had nothing to sell. I figured by the time I would learn to design and make jewellery it would be years so I decided to reach out to some other small independent jewellery designers I admired to see if they wanted to be stocked online in my shop in Singapore. I managed to get 10 designers to come on board.

One day I got an email from Paypal telling me someone had purchased something from my shop. I was totally surprised. Yes my site was live but no one knew about it. I had not officially launched it yet. That is when I understood the power of SEO. Great! I thought. I have a sale! But nothing came after that. I did not get my next sale until 2 months later.

But, slowly and surely as I built up the brand my little shop started to get customers.

I decided to close Annielka at the end of 2018 and take a break to do some soul searching. I reopened mid 2019 under my own name Angela Wozniak Jewellery.

You can read more about that story here.

Angela. X
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