The 'MUST-READ' amazing story about the Frenchman on a ledge

Hello, nice to meet you!

This is me sitting on another ledge in Bundi, Rajasthan, India. :p

thomas bundi rajasthan india

My name is Thomas. I just joined Angela and her brand 'Angela Wozniak Jewellery' as the Head of Customer Experience and I'm truly excited about this new role! I am helping Angela so she can dedicate her full attention to designing even more awesome jewellery for you.

As my role is in customer experience, I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and comments about the the website, brand, jewellery or anything you want to talk about! if you have any feedback you can reach me at this address:

Angela and I really need your input to improve ourselves. We will be deeply thankful and honoured to get your feedback or advice.

In this post, let me tell you a little bit about myself. :)

I lived in several countries so far. I grew up in France near Paris and Versailles: in Beynes city to be precise. I spent a lot of time in the well-known Mayenne, probably the only region in France where they have more cattle than human beings and where the median age of people is around 80. You should visit! You will have the most genuine and beautiful French experience in your life. It is also a great meditation spot by the way.

During my university, I was able to study abroad. I spent 6 months in India, Gujarat in the famous Indian Institute of Management of Ahmedabad. Looking back, although quite cliche, I do think exploring India's depth was a life-changing experience. I also studied 6 months in Shanghai which allowed me to understand better China, the other Asian behemoth.

Me again in front of the Great Wall of China. Please notice the hat, the latest Beijing fashion at the time:

In 2012, my first job ever was at a hotel / art gallery in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City. This was a great experience and I really enjoyed helping artists promote their work. I mostly did e-marketing and created a website for the gallery but I also organised several artistic events there.

This is me in 2012, at the top of the Rockefeller building, in front of the Empire State Building in Manhattan (this is not the same hat as in Beijing):

thomas empire state building

In 2014, I had a second job experience in France when I briefly worked in investment banking at BNP, 37 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré. Unfortunately, I did not fall in love with the financial statements of big companies.

In February 2016, I started working for Zalora in Singapore, the leading online fashion e-commerce in South-East Asia. I improved and automated business processes there for almost 2 years.

What I really liked about Zalora was the diverse background of people working there - in particular, I was fascinated by the Private Label team who designed clothes, shoes and jewellery from scratch just next to me.

Hello from Singapore! Here I am somewhere in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in 2017:

thomas singapore marina bay sands

In a move that may look crazy to some people (including to me), in July 2017, I decided to follow a job opportunity which led me to Tehran, Iran. During 2 years, I worked at Bamilo Snapp Group in Persia (= Iran). I started as a project manager in the CEO's team which allowed me to broaden my understanding of the overall e-commerce business. After a few months, I was given the opportunity to build a team from scratch so I hired two amazing persons and trained them to improve and automate processes (my special skill) for e-commerce.

This is me near Yazd in Iran in 2018:

Thomas near Yazd

Eventually, I had to leave in 2019. In a nutshell, Donald Trump decided to focus on the fight against Persia and the US blocked all financial transactions from Iran - including my salary.

There I was: without a job and with only one question to my name - what to do? In my previous job, I ended up learning a lot of programming skills including React.js and I really liked it. So, in January 2019, I started using React Native to build a mobile app. To be honest, I wanted to learn more development skills - but I also wanted to avoid the stabbing question: what to do next?

In May 2019, I went to Bali. There, I searched for inspiration - and I started surfing. I also started to use the mobile app Shapr where entrepreneurs can swipe each other just like on Tinder - but only for business ^^. This is how I met Angela and decided to help her. 

Surfing with style in Bali, June 2019:

thomas bali surf

Although we have different experiences and profiles, I think Angela and I came to a similar conclusion: starting a venture with someone else is more interesting than alone! Also, I really think we have a lot in common concerning what and why we want to create. We both want to do more than just selling jewellery. We both love Bali and India. We both experienced peace through meditation and we think the biggest challenge of humanity is the environmental crisis. We both want to build something that matters - not just to make money - but also to contribute to a cause we care about.

And so voilà! This was my story!

Here's to many more stories,

Cheers & love,

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So proud and so amazed by your story and all your experiences Thomas. It’s so inspiring and full of hope to do what you really are dreaming about.
I trust you so much in your success in this new amazing and exciting experience.
Best of luck.

Marion July 04, 2019

Fascinating story full of diverse and vivid experiences. All the best for the new venture. Looking forward to seeing some great work @AngelaWozniakJewellery.

Swati Sinha July 02, 2019

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