About the brand

Angela Wozniak Jewellery is a handcrafted slow-fashion jewellery brand for the modern woman who embodies the brands four values; self love, courage, freedom and creativity – the modern woman who works hard on her ambitions and loves to travel to enrich her understanding of her true self and her place in the universe. She appreciates non-mass made unique pieces and looks for meaning, beauty and purpose behind each of her jewellery purchases. 

Expect modern jewellery in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, 14k Gold Vermeil, Gemstones and Pearls. Everything about Angela Wozniak Jewellery is slow, conscious, and sustainable. Packaging is 90% plastic free and Angela is actively working to bring this to 100%.

About the designer

During her time working a corporate job abroad in Singapore, Angela travelled frequently to her favourite neighbouring island of Bali to surf. It was there in Bali where Angela started her metalsmithing journey, learning from the local Balinese artisans in the beautiful forest village of Ubud. Falling in love with Jewellery making, Angela then went on to formally study jewellery design, metalsmithing and gemmology at JDMIS in Singapore. 

Coming home to her birth city in 2019 due to Covid, Angela setup her home studio in Freshwater, Sydney. Click here to read more about how Angela got started.


'Gold Filled' Quality

'Gold Filled' is not plated. It's made by pressure bonding genuine 14k or 18k gold to a base metal which is 10x thicker than 'Vermeil'.

At Angela Wozniak Jewellery we use 'Gold Filled' for non-handmade pre-fabricated chains, pendants, clasps and other jewellery components like spacer beads and hooks. This ensures a quality product that is long lasting.


'Vermeil' Plating Quality

All plated Angela Wozniak Jewellery is ‘Vermeil’ quality. Vermeil is 2.5 microns thick of genuine 14k Gold on Sterling Silver.

In comparison, standard platings are 0.5 microns thick of imitation gold on cheap base metals which is fast fading and when the underlying metal is exposed causes skin to turn green and causes irritations due to the Nickel content in the base metal.

As all 'Vermeil' jewellery has a mandatory sterling silver base, this means that all of the jewellery you wear is always nickel free, skin-friendly / hypoallergenic.