14K Gold Vermeil, Various Gemstones

Emerald Gemstone Studs

$59.00 AUD

• 5mm stud with classic bezel setting
• Gemstones by Swarovski
• 14k Gold Vermeil (2micron thick plating)
• Skin-friendly, no nickel
• Handmade

May (Emerald)
The Emerald is the stone of successful love, bringing domestic bliss and loyalty. For the wearer it ensures physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.

June (Pearl)
A stone that represents the moon and a symbol of purity. Pearl is worn to calm a restless mind. Wear pearl to focus your energy toward bringing success in your personal work ambitions.

July (Ruby)
The Ruby encourages passion for life and is one of the stones of abundance, bringing courageous vibrations. Under the influence of Ruby, the mind is heightened with awareness and excellent concentration.

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