Introducing myself and my label – Angela Wozniak Jewellery

Me wearing one of my designs, the Karen Open Circle Stud while on a trip to Jaipur, India to source gemstones.


It all started in Bali

One time on a trip to Bali, in early 2018 I decided to try out a metal-smithing class to experience making jewellery by hand in the beautiful jewellery district village of Ubud. Let's just say I was absolutely hooked! I loved the fact I could express myself creatively and working with my hands felt amazing!

That first metal-smithing class was just a 3 hour studio class, but I ended up staying the whole day in the studio to make more jewellery pieces and I kept returning everyday to make more jewellery during my 7 day trip. 

Over the course of 2018 I made 6 trips to Bali. Each visit I was in the Jewellery studio I would learn more and more different metal-smithing techniques from the local balinese artisans. and I soon started accumulating quite a bit of my own handmade jewellery pieces.

Some were not very good and literally were thrown in my scrap metal box, but some were really awesome as I had friends starting to ask me to make bespoke designs for them.

Me in Bali where I took my first ever Jewellery making class to learn metalsmithing - where I handmade my first ever piece of Jewellery. I was going through a toxic breakup at the time and I designed the Courage Mantra Ring because I really wanted to make something meaningful as a daily reminder to stay strong. 

Taking professional jewellery classes

Because I loved metal-smithing so much, at the end of 2018 I decided to take a professional metal-smithing course.

The course cost a small fortune but came with a professional jewellery making bench and all the tools I needed to start a home studio. I was soooo excited I could now practice at home.

I also took a second course - technical drawing for jewellery design so that I could learn how to sketch out my designs professionally.

Angela Wozniak Jewellery Bench
My first little jewellery bench in my bedroom, 2018. 

Suffering self-doubt

But as I was acquiring more skills something happened – I started to suffer from a lot of self-doubt. Little voices in my head saying things like "I could never be a jewellery designer and maker, who do I think I am?"

I was suffering from a lot of negative thoughts about the ambition I was trying to embark upon. I was killing my dream before anyone else even had the chance to judge. Fear of failure is a bitch! 

Learning to be fearless

That was around the time I started to take an interest in meditation and visualisation as a way to try to battle my fears. Through learning these techniques I started to appreciate myself a lot more and underwent a huge personal growth spurt and self love awakening.

I was learning to love myself more and decided to give myself the gift to truly believe in myself! The belief that after all this I was good enough. 

Finding ethical gemstones suppliers

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to 
take up yet another professional jewellery course, this time in gemmology in preparation to travel to Jaipur, India to source gemstones for my designs. 

blue rooms jaipur indiaTook some time out to do some sight seeing in Jaipur, 2019. This is the blue room at the Royal Palace.

While in Jaipur I visited 6 different gemstone suppliers and found my preferred ethical gemstone supplier which is where I buy my gemstones still to this day. Then on 22 March, on my Birthday in 2019 I launched my business under my own name - Angela Wozniak Jewellery. 

If you are discovering my jewellery brand for the first time, I'm very grateful that you read this post to the very end of this post! If you’ve purchased from me, thank you so so much for supporting my craft and my dreams. It means the absolute world to me! 

Lots of love and light,
Angela. X
Jewellery for the Soulseeker ✨🌙


Congrats again! Beautiful jewellery that’s comes from the heart! Can’t wait to see exciting things coming up Xxox

HarryH July 19, 2019

Congratulations on your journey Angela! I’m glad you’ve arrived here and created something you’re really passionate about.

I always find your jewelry was unique and charming. Can’t wait for your next collections!

Pru July 07, 2019

Congratulations on launching your own label gorgeous girl! Thank you for sharing your authentic and raw story with us. I love how jewellery design has become a medium to not only express your creativity and also part of your self care growth, infusing your own journey and challenges overcome into your designs like Courage. In a world of fast fashion and mass produced items, it’s wonderful to be able to own something handmade with so much soul poured into its creation, a little piece of Angela Wozniak

Ashley July 02, 2019

Great story! I love jewellery made so authentically and with such care. I look forward to seeing all your coming creations!

Amy July 02, 2019

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