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Article: Story behind the brand

Story behind the brand

Founded in Sydney, australia

Self Love, Courage & Growth

With my personal three core values – Self Love, Courage & Growth I aim to design intentional jewellery that makes you feel beautiful yet gives you a sense of love, strength, resilience or maybe even a sense of peace, calm and purpose.

I believe that true beauty comes from within, and that by aligning with our souls and striving to be the best versions of ourselves, we can tap into a limitless well of invigorating creativity and power. My jewellery serves as a reminder of this truth - each piece is crafted with intention and care, imbued with lots of good energy and the spirit of self love, courage and growth.

Expect a unique medely of freshwater pearls, recycled seaglass, faceted gemstones and alluring opals – all infused with a relaxed coastal vibe and made-to-order in my Freshwater Beach Sydney studio, using all premium materials; Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled and 14k Gold Vermeil.


& made to order

The first ever piece of Jewellery I made, was the Courage Mantra Ring in Ubud Bali. It was inspired by a failing relationship I was in at the time. I believe the mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive mantras, you will start to change your life.

I really wanted to make something meaningful as a daily reminder to stay strong. I needed the courage to start loving myself more, move on from the relationship and heal.

Allowing 1-2 weeks production time, this ring is available online made-to-order just for you with your own mantra stamped in. 

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