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Article: Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping the Perfect Ocean-themed Jewellery

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping the Perfect Ocean-themed Jewellery

Embrace the beauty of the ocean

Are you an ocean lover, someone who yearns for the invigorating salt-kissed air? Imagine carrying a piece of the ocean with you everywhere you go, adorned with ocean-themed materials such as seaglass, pearls, and blue-hued gemstones. Now, wherever life takes you, you can keep the ocean's healing serenity and the soothing waves close to your heart.

Hello, I'm Angela Wozniak, and I'm delighted to introduce you to Angela Wozniak Jewellery, your go-to destination for fashion-forward ocean-themed and beach jewellery in Australia.

When it comes to creating our jewellery, I prioritise premium materials suitable for waterproof jewellery pieces that are sustainable. Each design pays tribute to the ocean's grandeur, allowing you to proudly express your love for this natural wonder.

Read on to explore our comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect piece of ocean-themed jewellery from our Beach Jewellery Australia collection.

Read on to discover our ultimate guide on how to select your perfect piece of ocean-themed jewellery from our Beach Jewellery Australia collection.

  1. Understanding your unique style

The first and foremost factor in choosing ocean-themed jewelleryy or any jewellery is to really know your personal style. Are you into delicate and dainty designs or chunky statement pieces? Do you like to stick to neutrals or do you love a pop of colour. Do you prefer pretty seashells, mesmerising seaglass, elegant pearls or alluring gemstones? Or maybe a combination, or maybe you never mix. No matter your style, all Angela Wozniak Jewellery draws inspiration from the ocean be it by material, texture or colour palette. I recommend looking into your current jewellery box to see what style of pieces you already own and look for pieces that will complement your current collection so that you can stack and layer. 

  1. Quality metals matter for water-proof jewellery

When it comes to choosing ocean-themed jewellery, the metal material matters in a major way. As an ocean lover, it's crucial to opt for pieces made from quality metals that can stand up to the elements. That's why at Angela Wozniak Jewellery, we exclusively use high-quality materials like recycled 925 sterling silver and 14k Gold Filled (not plated). This means our designs are ocean-safe, shower-safe, sweat-proof, and resistant to tarnishing. Gold never fades and you can wear our jewellery without worrying about your skin turning green or having to suffer the hassle of taking your jewellery off and on again when going into the sea.

At Angela Wozniak Jewellery, we're proud to source 80% of our materials locally in Sydney, with the remaining 20% coming from the USA which is where 14K Gold Filled is produced. By choosing to work with predominantly local suppliers we ensure the growth and well-being of our local Australian business community.

  1. Don’t forget comfort and versatility

Picking the perfect ocean-themed jewellery piece that fits your comfort and is versatile enough to go with various outfits is vital. If you're an active surfer or beach swimmer spending a lot of time in crashing waves, you may want to choose simple hoops and choker length necklace to avoid anything dangly and snagging. But if you’re hitting the beach for some leisurely time in the sun to meet friends and hang on the sand, feel free to pair your bikini with long layered necklaces, bracelets and statement earrings. If you need a pair of everyday studs pick something that is comfortable to sleep in. So whether you’re after a dainty pearl necklace or a minimal seaglass ring, our beach jewellery Australia collection has a variety of versatile pieces you’ll love. 


  1. Sustainability - An Ode to the Ocean

If you are an ocean lover you are also likely an advocate for its sustainability, not just owning a piece of ocean-themed jewellery. All our Beach Jewellery Australia collection pieces are sustainably made-to-order reducing mass-produced and all our packaging is 100% plastic free and compostable which underlines a commitment to the environment. In particular our seaglass jewellery is 100% sustainable due to it being recycled glass which has been washed up on the shore and all our seaglass is handmade by me along the Sydney Northern Beaches.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the shopping guide and discovering our ocean-themed Beach Jewellery Australia collection. Your journey to discover the perfect piece of ocean-themed jewellery begins right here. So, don't wait any longer – explore our stunning collection and find your ideal ocean jewellery match today. After all, the ocean doesn't wait for anyone!


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