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14K Solid Gold

Jewellery for the Soulseeker ✩☽

Ocean-inspired jewellery designed to light up your soul and step into your power. Sustainably handcrafted by Angela in Freshwater Beach, Sydney.

Shop 14K Solid Gold Jewellery with Quality Confidence – Ocean-safe, Sweat-proof, Hypoallergenic, Lasts a lifetime.

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Aquamarine Studs (5mm)Earrings14K Solid GoldAngela Wozniak JewelleryAquamarine Studs (5mm)Earrings14K Solid GoldAngela Wozniak Jewellery
1mm Band RingRings14K Solid GoldAngela Wozniak Jewellery1mm Band RingRings14K Solid GoldAngela Wozniak Jewellery